.ECO Medallion 3rd party list

.ECOTM Medallion was developed to support environmental health, promoting the interests of the global environment by means of member recognition through use of a membership medallion that recognizes that an entity has accomplished, or is committed to accomplishing, established Environmental Sustainability goals.

In doing so, consumers are provided a way to readily identify vetted sustainable/ecofriendly products, services, entities, and organizations.  Standards established by respected and approved third party firms must be met by those who wish to use the .ECOTM Medallion. The third-party standards will be scientific, objective, transparent, and subject to continued updating and revision based on current research and information. 

A full and updated listing of .ECOTM approved third-party firms used for applicants applying for the .ECOTM Medallion can be located here.

A fee structure for the application for the use of the .ECOTM Medallion has been established.

Annual renewal of this mark will be required for continued approval for use of the .ECOTM Medallion. Upon approval, use of the .ECOTM Medallion in labeling, marketing, social media, websites, and advertising will be governed under the criteria for use of this mark. Use of the mark for non-approved purposes is not permitted nor should appear in any advertising or marketing materials. Graphics files for the uses of the mark will be made available, upon approval.